Whitney Thore is My Fat Girl Soulmate

You may have seen posts lately about Whitney Thore, a fat and fabulous body-positivity activist with an inspiring series of YouTube videos entitled “A Fat Girl Dancing”. She has a great new campaign to spread her body-positive message, called the No Body Shame Campaign.

Her homepage sends a resonating message that I don’t wish to paraphrase:

Preach it, Sister.

A little background about Ms. Thore: She is a current radio show producer and personality. She started gaining weight in college around the time she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She has dealt with self-esteem problems. She has travelled the world. She is a FIERCE dancer. 

Check out her videos. Here’s my favorite:

What is extra exciting is that Whitney will be on the Today Show on February 28th talking about her campaign. I love seeing a fat, beautiful, charismatic young woman such as herself on the public stage, proud, unapologetic, and flat-out amazing. My dreams are smaller. For example, I’d be happy just being able to have her as my Twitter follower.



6 thoughts on “Whitney Thore is My Fat Girl Soulmate

  1. Oh hay!! I just stumbled upon this beautiful thing – I’m Whitney and I’m thankful for you! I suck at twitter but tweet me and I’ll follow!


  2. Whitney, I love you, and your show! You are Fabulously witty, funny, intelligent, and an overall nice person!
    I think your mom is a hoot!
    Can you bottle up your very supportive and loving parents and distribute the potion to everyone around the world! Seriously! they are great!
    keep up the great work!


  3. Whitney, I really enjoy your show and it is wonderful what you have done to encourage others who are overweight.
    However, there are some serious health issues that are going to start appearing at some point. Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea,which ultimately will have serious complications with your heart. The knees are going to start going. Most doctors will not work on the knees until a good amount of weight loss takes place. I have been where you are. Thirteen years ago I had gastric bypass surgery. I lost 210 lbs and have kept 95% of it off. I have not had any complications. My only regret is I wish I had had the surgery much earlier. Just wanted to rea h out to you. You ate so amazing and an inspiration to so many. Please give some thought to the complications that you will face down the road.


    • I’m allowing this comment only to request that you do not advocate WLS on this site. I’m glad you feel successful and happy, but it is the stance of this blog that WLS is dangerous and not to be encouraged.


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