About the Contributors

Shurburt and Shiloh

Shiloh Marie, Founder and Editor

What I do: I work in special education with middle school-aged students. Tweens and teens are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to susceptibility to societal pressure and body image problems. I try to reinforce for my students the idea that actions are what defines you as a person, rather than how you appear.

What I love about my body: I honestly have a love/hate relationship with my body — I think everyone does. One day I love my bedonk and lady lumps, and the next day I lament that clothes don’t lay on me a la clothes hanger. Most days, I will stand around with my peers and detect no noticeable difference between my size 16 and my friend’s size 6. However, sometimes it occurs to me that if she were to borrow my cardigan, she’d look like a sugar glider. Basically, most days I feel great about my bod, but when I don’t it’s usually because I am putting my body in the context of what other people look like, or what I think they think I should look like. Sounds like over-thinking to me.

Areas of Interest: I have a slew of nerdy pursuits, including reading (sci-fi, fantasy, surrealist fiction, dystopian fiction), playing board games (think Catan, not Yahtzee), and playing Dungeons and Dragons (I’m badass Shadowspy Cleric with a mace called Night’s Bane that can vaporize zombies). I also enjoy keeping up on current affairs, including information and news pertaining to living as a fat person, body acceptance, and fat shaming. I also enjoy the lighter side of life, including fashion, dance, and candy. I love candy.

Why I am here: I want to help everyone, regardless of body type, feel better about themselves through the sharing of stories and analysis of current events, as well as calculated, methodical griping.

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