About the Contributors

Shurburt and Shiloh

Shiloh Marie, Founder and Editor

What I do: I work in special education with middle school-aged students. Tweens and teens are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to susceptibility to societal pressure and body image problems. I try to reinforce for my students the idea that actions are what defines you as a person, rather than how you appear.

What I love about my body: I honestly have a love/hate relationship with my body — I think everyone does. One day I love my bedonk and lady lumps, and the next day I lament that clothes don’t lay on me a la clothes hanger. Most days, I will stand around with my peers and detect no noticeable difference between my size 16 and my friend’s size 6. However, sometimes it occurs to me that if she were to borrow my cardigan, she’d look like a sugar glider. Basically, most days I feel great about my bod, but when I don’t it’s usually because I am putting my body in the context of what other people look like, or what I think they think I should look like. Sounds like over-thinking to me.

Areas of Interest: I have a slew of nerdy pursuits, including reading (sci-fi, fantasy, surrealist fiction, dystopian fiction), playing board games (think Catan, not Yahtzee), and playing Dungeons and Dragons (I’m badass Shadowspy Cleric with a mace called Night’s Bane that can vaporize zombies). I also enjoy keeping up on current affairs, including information and news pertaining to living as a fat person, body acceptance, and fat shaming. I also enjoy the lighter side of life, including fashion, dance, and candy. I love candy.

Why I am here: I want to help everyone, regardless of body type, feel better about themselves through the sharing of stories and analysis of current events, as well as calculated, methodical griping.



Susie, Contributor

What I do: I am an acupuncturist, herbalist, and healer. Basically, I get to poke holes in people for a living. I see people of all shapes and sizes, and almost all of them have body issues of one kind or another.

What I love about my body: Bodies are all magic. No really! Hear me out. We are composed of tens of trillions of cells, each of which has a very specific function that must be carried out in order for us to continue our survival. These cells form larger structures, such as organs, which also have to work nearly perfectly and in sync with each other. The complexity is staggering. As a whole, we beat our bodies up, hate our bodies, and by virtue of living in modern western society – poison our bodies constantly, but they still work. When I think about that, I am so unbelievably grateful that my body exists at all. Oh, and my boobs are pretty awesome too.

Areas of Interest: I’m obsessed with natural and alternative medicine from the scientific to the woo woo. I love getting out in nature, but mostly when it’s nice out (no winter sports for this woman!). I’m fascinated by plants and the myriad uses they have. I have a deep and fulfilling spiritual practice. I love to read – mostly fantasy and nonfiction about the aforementioned topics. I watch nerdy TV shows and move through my Netflix queue at an alarming rate.

Why I am here: I am sick and tired of the media and society telling me and everyone else that we are not good enough. I am disgusted by advertisers putting us down and inventing reasons why we need to buy their products. I am deeply saddened by the loathing that so many of us feel for our bodies when we really are beautiful. Fuck. That.


Joseph D. Olson, Contributor and Husband

What I do: I’m a writer and filmmaker, fresh out of college after spending my twenties in projection booths by night, and running a karaoke business by later at night. Most of my artistic endeavors focus on oppression, power, privilege, and social justice issues. I’m also married to the blog’s founder, so this gig was pretty easy to land.

What I love about my body: Almost nothing. I grew up see-my-ribs skinny, which gave me a body complex, then grew into an adult body in about four months, which left me with stretch marks everywhere. I recently gained and lost about forty unneeded pounds, giving me an appreciation for what it is to be fat. I got to be at my ideal body size for about two weeks on the way from thin to fat, so that was pretty cool, and now I’m kinda’ thin again. That being said, I’m a man. Men’s bodies aren’t scrutinized the same way women’s bodies are because men are not objectified in the same way. As every fat-husband-with-a-model-thin-wife sitcom will tell you, personality can overcome body size if you own and operate a penis, and this is why I learned to be funny.

Areas of interest: Social justice issues, human rights, sexuality, television, film, and when the writing is good, professional wrestling. I like storytelling and the fight for true human equality, basically. I especially like when these areas intersect.

Why I am here: Allyship. The path of least resistance is the lazy comfort that enables the persecution of the oppressed. I have vowed to be the insufferable dick who won’t let a racist joke go unchallenged; the eye-roll-inspiring jackass who speaks up when people make assumptions that minimize others. I aspire to be the guy who points out that many confuse being lucky with being smart or working hard.

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