Are you interested in contributing to The Fat Word? We want you!

We are looking for personal stories, analyses of current events, photos and discussions of fatshion and fat lifestyle, body positive websites, art, griping, and anything else that is relevant to The Fat Word mission of reclaiming “fat” for ourselves through fellowship and celebration.

Submissions should be sent to for consideration and review. We will reply back with our thoughts, any suggestions, and whether we think it is true to the message and appealing to our readership.

Fat is Not a Four Letter Word.

2 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Hi, I like how you said that thin shaming isn’t as bad as fat shaming. So true! I’ve felt awful about my body, how it doesn’t look like those of the perfect, unblemished supermodels that grace the covers of magazines. I think of my body size ALL THE TIME, and how unhealthy it looks. But it’s because of my medication. My doctor has gotten concerned about it though, and suggested I come off of it.
    Oh, did I mention I’m skinny as a rail?
    Yes, actually, I absolutely do feel inadequate next to those models – I hardly see distinctly visible ribs, my breasts are smaller by a long shot, and Photoshop can’t be the only reason they have such clear skin! Plus, their faces are much more gorgeous than mine. I think about my body /every day/, because at age 19, I’ve never been kissed, and the only guys who’ve made advances on me were total creeps. I guess it’s true only dogs like bones. I worry about how malnourished I am, but my medication takes away my appetite. This is to say nothing of what others have said of me. It actually hurts being called mentally ill. Because that’s what anorexia is – a mental illness. Cadaverous, skeletal, twig, anorexic, gaunt, gross, bony…I’m a sensitive soul, okay?
    Don’t tell me how good I’ve got it, you don’t know me.


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