What is The Fat Word?

TFW logoPlump. Overweight. Plus sized. Large. Chubby. Portly. Flabby. Paunchy. Heavyset. Obese.


All of these words, every one of them, have negative connotations. Moreover, these adjectives accurately describe over one-third of people in America (2012, National Center for Health Statistics). One-third of us are ignored, vilified, marginalized, or told we are unhealthy and undesirable. Even worse, we are pitied.

How society views us is shaped by forces beyond individual preference or even evidence. Our society is one that is driven by the consumption of material goods.

You’re fat. Buy our pills! You’ll feel better thinner, and all your health problems will go away.

You’re fat. Here’s a black bag. Wear it. It’s slimming, and also $25 more than it should be because the price of fabric increases exponentially in proportion to the amount used.

This yogurt is fat-free! Free of fat! No fat, see, because fat is bad. Desirable people eat fat-free yogurt, at least in the commercials.

And on TV.

And in magazines.

And billboards.

And movies.

The truth is, we are neither villains nor victims. We are desirable. Our perspectives are important, our lives are full, and we refuse to be marginalized. We will not be ignored.

The Fat Word strives to bring the perspectives and life experiences of fat people into the main stream culture. We are fashionable. We are attractive. We think critically. We need to support one another, even when society says we should compete instead. We show people fat people and their allies being healthy, fun, smart, sexy, and thoughtful.

Fat is not a Four Letter Word.

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